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Russell: Dr Jincheng Liu to present a paper in Beijing conference

Chamberlin & Hill are pleased to announce the appointment of Nicky Steinbach...

Chamberlin & Hill: Further investment at state of art foundries

Russell: Cellular manufacture at introduced at Midlands Based Foundry

Russell: £150,000 Foundry Investment

Ductile Goes from Strength to Strength



Dr Jincheng Liu to present a paper in Beijing conference

We are pleased to announce that Dr Jincheng Liu, our Business Development Manager, has been invited to present a paper at the ‘8th International Symposium of Science and Processing of Cast Iron’, to be held in Beijing, 16 - 19 October, 2006.

Dr Liu is the only author from the UK to be invited and is among fifty other eminent authors from seventeen countries, worldwide.

The paper is entitled ‘Unique Microstructure and Excellent Mechanical Properties of ADI’ and examines the crystal structure of the main constituents to explain why the material has such excellent mechanical properties. Data collected over twenty-two months continuous production at Russell's show the mechanical properties to be much higher than the minimum requirements of the more demanding American Standard. Work is continuing on all aspects of ADI production to obtain even better properties.

A full transcript of the paper will be posted on our website immediately after the symposium.

Dr Liu lived and studied in China, where he graduated from Tsinghua University, Beijing in 1970. He then took up a teaching post at the University and conducted research into the solidification of cast metals. In 1982, he obtained an MSc in mechanical engineering.

In 1991, he came to the UK and joined the research staff at the Materials Science Centre, Manchester University, where he obtained his PhD for important work on solidification modelling. It was during this period that he applied his research to Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI).

In 1999, he joined Russell's as Business Development Manager, where he continued with the development and application of ADI.

Dr Liu has more than 40 papers published in international journals and has presented papers at international conferences; he is also the co-author of a book entitled ‘Cast Irons Containing Rare Earths’ which was published in 2000.

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Good News

Chamberlin & Hill are pleased to announce the appointment of Nicky Steinbach as Divisional Finance Director. She joins Chamberlin & Hill from an international company based in London.

She brings with her a depth of knowledge and experience from within the finance and accountancy world. Her appointment will help further improve the performance and profitability of the company’s Foundry Division.

Nicky is an Oxford University graduate who will be a great addition to the already successful management team at Walsall – joining at an exciting time as the foundry division continues to move forward.

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Chamberlin & Hill: Further investment at state of art foundries
The Chamberlin & Hill Walsall foundry – part of the successful Chamberlin & Hill Plc  Group – are continuing their programme of investment with the installation of a 2013 Disamatic Moulding machine.  This introduction sees an increase in capacity for the production of Grey Iron by the cost effective Cupola method of melting.  The resulting site capacity is now in excess of 15,000 tonnes per annum.  This additional Disamatic supplements the three existing 2110 Disamatic and provides the opportunity for the production of castings upto 30kg unit weight by the vertical moulding method – also increasing the moulding area by 50%
As part of the company’s continued drive to improve productivity while maintaining standards of quality and service, this investment reinforces Chamberlin & Hill's position as market leaders in the production of multi-cored, thin  section castings.
For more information contact: Graham Smith 01922 721411

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Russell: Cellular manufacture introduced at Midlands Based Foundry

Russell Castings Ltd, part of the successful Chamberlin & Hill  Plc Group have concluded months of study and development resulting in the major reorganisation of their finishing and process department.  Casting production is now carried out in individual cells replacing previously used equipment such as pedestal stone wheel grinders.
Six individual  Metabo double–ended belt sanders have been introduced resulting in improved quality finishing – both in a better environment and with improved productivity.
The improved working environment is further achieved by the recent introduction of Donaldson Torit Cartridge Dust Units.  This new extraction system allows cells to be operated independently and is therefore more energy efficient.
These improvements benefit customers in terms of product quality and also benefit the company in terms of productivity and working environment.
For more information contact: Steve Hoare 0116 299 2000

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Russell: £150,000 Foundry Investment
Russell Castings, the Leicester based foundry which is part of the successful Chamberlin & Hill Plc Group , has announced details of further investment totalling over £150,000.
Improvements throughout the production facility include the introduction of a CT3 British Moulding Machine with PLC (Programmable Logic Control). The greensand moulding machine brings many customer benefits including greater dimensional accuracy and clearer casting definition of the finished product plus an improved surface finish.
Following investment and reorganization, the finishing and process departments have also achieved improvements in product quality, efficiency and working environment.  Russells have introduced cellular manufacturing  using Metabo double-ended belt sanders providing 6 individual workstations and a new extraction system using a Donaldson Torit Cartridge Dust Unit to all machines.
The company, who are recognised as a world leader in ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron), continue to go from strength to strength.
For more information contact: Steve Hoare 0116 299 2000

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Ductile Goes from Strength to Strength
Ductile Castings, the Scunthorpe based foundry, has continued to go from strength to strength since being acquired by the successful Chamberlin & Hill Plc group in 1998.
Since that time Ductile Castings has benefited from investment totalling over £2m. Improvements have included a new office facility, expansion of the pattern storage area and a new dedicated finishing area. One of the most recent developments has included the construction of an additional 1500 sq.m facility on the site – taking the production area upto 7500 sq.m – to satisfy current and anticipated demand.
The company produces castings for a variety of market sectors including oil and gas, water, marine and construction plant.
As this programme of investment draws to a close, a further series of capital investment designed to further improve the product and service offering is at an advanced stage of planning.
For more information please contact: Steve Hoare 0116 299 2000

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